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Inguinal HerniaThis is the most common type of hernia and to most people is the type that will immediately come to mind when the term “hernia” is used. Inguinal hernias occurr predominantly in men and may sometimes be referred to as a groin rupture or sportsman’s groin The hernia can occur on either side of the body or may be bilateral (on both sides), although this may not necessarily occur at the same time. There may be a gap of many years between developing hernias.

It is not unusual to see this kind of hernia in patients who have been doing a lot of heavy lifting. Often it is manifest by a feeling of sharp pain in the groin and/or noticing a swelling in the area.


Whilst hernias can be controlled using a trus, they can only be treating by a surgical repair. The most effective and popular way is to use a special mesh to reinforce the rupture in the abdominal / groin wall. This method is now the gold standard treatment preferred by surgeons throughout the world as it is tension free, and can quite often be done via a keyhole (laparoscopic) method. Laparoscopic surgery is less invasive for the patient and recovery time and pain can be reduced.

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