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Incisional HerniaAn incisional hernia can occur in any patient patient who has undergone abdominal surgery. The surgical incision through the muscle can leave a weakness through which a hernia can occur. Sometimes the surgical stiches give way leaving a defect in the muscle.

This can occur at any time after the surgery, but most commonly in the first 2 years following surgery. Whilst on occasions a bulge is not initially visible , patients will often feel complain of pain in teh surgical site initially.

As the length of the surgical scar can vary, incisional hernias come in all shapes and sizes. Often the hernia allows a loop of bowel to enter the defect and this sometimes this gets stuck and can become obstructed. Seeking immediate medical advice in these cases is strongly advised.


Due to the nature of many operations being different, and therefore, the exact location and size of the initial surgery scar, the subsequent size, complexity and treatment of an incisional hernia can vary as well.

In many cases, the most effective way to treat these is with the tension free mesh used in the repair of other hernias and can be done via Keyhole or Open surgery based on the result of the preliminary examination by the surgeon.

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